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running coaching, training and analysis in gloucestershire running coaching, training and analysis in gloucestershire
Running - Coaching and Conditioning We provide coaching, strength and conditioning and more to improve your running technique, make your training varied and to beat your personal best. This is cost effective and will keep you motivated for whatever target you are aiming to achieve. The training is provided by Matt who is an experienced performance level athletics coach, personal trainer, strength and conditioning and triathlon coach. This gives the experience and know how to work on your running from many angles. Running is a fantastic way to exercise and anyone can do it. You need limited knowledge and just a good pair of trainers so why pay someone to coach you? There are so many reasons to have professional help when it comes to running. We have worked with numerous runners from recreational to experienced half marathon runners who’ve previously trained themselves. We’ve improved their technique, speed, stamina, strength and made their running easier. They’ve been given a focussed specific way of training that works for them and hasn’t just been a generic plan found online. We provide training as detailed below and we can plan something specific to you, your time, aims and budget. These include one to one sessions working on strength and conditioning specific to your distance, detailed weekly training plans to achieve your ultimate goal, one to one running coaching and training sessions to keep improving your technique and running, nutrition advice and email support. Whether you are taking part in a marathon, a triathlon, a 5km race or want to improve your running for a sport, we can help. For our specific sprint training to improve your speed and technique for sport or competing please click here. Email info@balance-hf.co.uk or phone 01452 741711 to book an initial free no obligations meeting or for further information.
Training Plans In addition to your training we can provide detailed training plans. You will receive a long term plan which will give an overview of your whole training period up to the start of your event and throughout your training season. You will receive weekly plans with each session written in detail for you to carry out. These will be reviewed on a weekly basis making sure you are meeting your aims. Training plan prices vary and are based on the number of weeks you require one for. Please discuss this at your initial meeting. Track Sessions In addition to your training we can provide access to track sessions on a Monday evening and some Saturday mornings at minimal additional cost or as part of your regular 1 to 1 sessions at a time to suit you. Track running is great for working on technique and speed and it’s a nice surface to run on. It also gives you a boost just seeing a track with all the facilities and different athletes training.
Technique Everyone can run which is one of the joys of it as a form of exercise. Unfortunately, not everyone runs well. If you watch a group of runners, you will very quickly see the difference between those running efficiently and those wasting a lot of energy. This is true for any distance from a sprint to a marathon and beyond. Bad technique can be a cause of injuries and pain when running. People I’ve worked with have complained of an issue when running and it very quickly became clear the problem stemmed from poor technique, meaning other parts of the body overcompensated. Correcting the technique solved the issue. Good technique means you run efficiently and don’t waste energy. This makes you faster and able to run for longer.
Strength and Conditioning It always surprises me the number of people I’ve worked with who did little to no strength and conditioning work for their running. The few who already went to the gym then just tended to do a little bit of upper body work and nothing for the lower body. Strength and conditioning helps with running for many reasons. It isn’t just about lifting weights but also agility, mobility and motor skills. It helps reduce the chance of getting injured by working on your body’s ability to deal with the forces you will face and uneven surfaces when running. It makes running easier as getting stronger means you produce more force which means less effort when running. Your running posture will improve as your core and trunk gets stronger. You will also just feel stronger. It is such a beneficial area for all running distances. Recently Nicky who trains with me took part in a 10km run, it was a bit last minute and not one she’d planned for or carried out much running training for. We’d been working in the studio on a lot of strength training which she’d never done before. Nicky was stunned when she did the 10km run and got a PB. She just felt stronger and found the running easier.
Email info@balance-hf.co.uk or phone 01452 741711 to book an initial meeting or for further information.
Prices 1 hour running strength and conditioning and coaching sessions (bring a friend/s at no extra cost (maximum of 4)) 1 hour - £30 Pay for 10 x 1 hour sessions in advance for only £250, that’s only £25 per session Off peak rates - Train between 10am and 2pm (Mon to Fri, term time) and save off our usual rates. Pay for 10 x 1 hour sessions off peak in advance for only £220, that’s only £22 per session Sessions will be in our exclusive studio or outdoor training area or around the local area depending on the training. Training plans - prices vary and are based on the number of weeks you require. Please discuss this at the initial meeting. Track sessions - our track sessions are £6.50, this includes the track fee which is paid to the venue and your session plan. We also offer 1 to 1 and small group track sessions at the above 10 x session price plus £4 track fee (per person per session).