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Sport Specific Personal Training Do you regularly carry out a sport, have an upcoming event or want to achieve your PB? We have helped people in a variety of sports and love the challenge of getting someone to their peak fitness level relevant to their sport. Some of the people we have trained - Sairah; arranged to do a white collar boxing bout for charity. Her training became focussed on stamina, power and her ability to work at a high intensity. This resulted in her completing all three rounds against an experienced boxer and doing herself very proud. Archie; wanted to improve his fitness for his high school rugby. Over the summer holidays he worked very hard showing excellent improvement. On returning to school his rugby coach used him as an example highlighting how much his fitness had improved and for the first time ever he was picked for the A team. We have also trained people for the following sports - athletics, cricket, netball, football, running, triathlon, sailing, horse riding and more.
Why do Sport Specific Personal Training? You will get one to one training from a professional, fully qualified and insured personal trainer. The focus is on you and what you want to achieve in an environment that is inviting. We spend the time planning your training to ensure it is specific to your sport/event and pushes you to achieve your highest level of performance. Our aim is to make every customer feel valued through excellent service. We do this in numerous ways including never booking people back to back so you won’t be rushed in or out. We regularly update our knowledge and learn new concepts. We keep our training at an affordable rate so it is open to all; this doesn’t mean we are any less qualified or skilled at what we do, we just want to give value for money. Book a free no obligations meeting where you can come and see the training area, meet us and discuss your aims. We won’t pressure you but allow you to make a decision and then start your training at a time and day convenient to you. Email info@balance-hf.co.uk or phone 01452 741711 to arrange a free no obligations initial consultation. 
We offer 30 minute or 1 hour personal training sessions (or you can have a combination of both). 30 minutes - £18 Pay for 10 x 30 minute sessions in advance for only £150, that’s only £15 per session 1 hour - £30 Pay for 10 x 1 hour sessions in advance for only £250, that’s only £25 per session All sessions will be in our exclusive studio or outdoor training area.
Off Peak Rates Train between 10am and 2pm (Mon to Fri, term time) and save off our usual rates. Pay for 10 x 30 min sessions off peak in advance for only £130, that’s only £13 per session Pay for 10 x 1 hour sessions off peak in advance for only £220, that’s only £22 per session
Training Plans In addition to your personal training we provide detailed training plans. You will receive a long term plan; this will give an overview of your whole training period up to the start of your sport/event. You will receive weekly plans with each session written in detail for you to carry out. These will be reviewed on a weekly basis making sure you are meeting your aims. The plan will be based on your ability and will focus your training to get you to the level you want to attain and beyond. To save you the time trying to plan your training why not let us do it for you using our professional knowledge and experience.   Training plans are only £10 per week and if you have at least 3 personal training sessions (1 hour or half hour) a week then your training plan will be free.