Email or phone 01452 741711 to arrange a free no obligations initial consultation. All training sessions will be in our exclusive studio or outdoor training area. 
All packages include;   Initial consultation Fortnightly body stats where your fat %, heart rate, weight etc will be taken Food diary with weekly feedback and aims Personal training
Fitness and Weight Loss Packages Whether you want to feel good about your body, look amazing on a special day, improve your long term health or have more energy and positivity then we can help. We offer fitness and weight loss packages that are great value for money and everything is tailored to you and your goals. You will make small progressive changes in your diet that are sustainable for life. This stops yo-yo dieting making sure that when your weight is lost, it stays lost. Below are examples of our packages, we can also design one to suit you and your budget.  This can be discussed at a no obligation consultation.
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lose weight with our food diaires and exercise
Will it work? Our packages take you back to basics. You will make small changes each week to your diet. This will allow you to change the way you eat for life rather than just the course of a diet. You will carry out regular exercise and increase your day to day activity. When eating a balanced diet and carrying out more activity you will lose weight. It will also be sensible and sustainable. When your package is complete these changes will be everyday life for you so you won’t have to keep “going on a diet”.
New You - £500 If you want to make a progressive change in your diet and fitness then this is an ideal 12 week weight loss and fitness package.  The package is comprised as per all packages plus; 28 x 30 min, Personal Training Sessions 1 session per week for the 1st two weeks increasing to 2 sessions per week for the next 4 weeks increasing to 3 sessions per week for the final 6 weeks. Food diary with detailed weekly feedback and aims Payment option available for this package - 1st month - £180, 2nd month - £180, 3rd month - £140
Satin – £280 If you are running short of time then this package can give your body a real boost in time for your special event.  This is for 5 weeks and comprised as per all packages plus; 10 x 1 hour, personal training sessions (2 per week) Food diary with detailed weekly feedback and aims
Add your partner or friend to any package for only £10 per week.
Don’t just take our word for it! Here is a recent review from Suzanne who has done very well and we are delighted for her. “Very, very good. Matt & Jacqui are an awesome team and they're great fun to work with. I've got loads more energy, generally feel much more upbeat and positive, and my waist line likes the training! They've really tailored the training around my joint problems. No excuses for ducking out of anything.”